Vanessa Anderson
Executive Director

Vanessa is the organization's founder.  CTYE was born of her vision for  an organization that could serve the youth of Louisville from the deepest corners of the inner city to the outter edges of suburbia.  

She seeks to enroll youth of all races, religions and creeds from all economic backgrounds.  Vanessa believes in the benefits of exposing youth to diverse cultral experiences and using living examples to educate, grow and develop love and tolerance amongst our youth.

She has served with several youth organizations to include Young LIfe and has over 15 years of experience in volunteering and mentoring the youth of Louisville.  She is a graduate of Lindsey Wilson College, with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management.  

Vanessa is directly involved with the girl's monthly youth group, G.E.M.S. and is an active participant in the Filling In the Gaps (FIG) program that connects Parents, Teachers, and Students to CTYE resources.

Michael George
Director of Community Liaison

Michael George Jr. is one of the founding Board members of CTYE and has been a part of the organization since its inception.  He has been working in the Social Services and Education fields with young people and their families for nearly two decades in various capacities. Currently, Michael is the Community Liaison at Western Middle School for the Arts.  

His role as a CTYE Board Member encompasses similar responsibilities and characteristics of his current job at Western Middle School.  He has adapted a lot of what he does with JCPS into his contributions as the Community Liason for CTYE.  

As the Community Liaison for CTYE, Michael serves as the critical link between CTYE, the Louisville community and the Jefferson County Public Schools System.  He focuses on capacity building, volunteer, student and member training programs, grants, networking and most importantly supporting the families and youth of our community.

Pashens Fitzpatrick
Director of Donor Relations

Pashens was born and raised in Louisville's westend community and she currently works as an attorney focusing on Family Law.  

She has core beliefs in the strength of family and community ties and believes in the resounding benefits of investing in today's youth. Her parents instilled in her values such as personal sacrifice and selfless service, which are displayed through her career and committment to the CTYE organization.  

Pashens works directly with our youth as a mentor for CTYE's young men and women, as well as mentoring through Louisville's Black Achievers program.  She is fully committed to mentoring the youth and finding ways to serve as an example and role model in our community.  

Additionally, her significant efforts as Chief of Donor Relations for CTYE provides the organization with viable resources to financially sustain the many programs CTYE offers to the youth of Louisville.    

Benjamin Taylor
Board Secretary

While Ben's family is family is originally from Kentucky, he was raised in the Northeast and did not move to Louisville until 2009.  Ben works as an attorney in Louisville focusing on Family Law and Civil Litigation.  In his free time he enjoys reading, the outdoors and spending time with his Siberian Husky. One of Ben's personal goals is to travel to every continent.

Ben has been a member of the CTYE Board since 2013.  He serves as the Board's Secretary, keeping minutes and recording votes.  He also enjoys actively participating in CTYE programs when his schedule permits. Ben believes that CTYE fills important gaps in the social and educational services of our city and is proud of his work on behalf of the organization.

He actively participates in fundraising and all other CTYE related events. Ben has mentored and tutored CTYE students and is a committed member to the youth of our community.

Scott Malony
Board Treasurer

Scott has been a member of the organization since its inception.  He has worked with the youth in a multitude of capacities for over 30 years. He assisted by serving as a member at large for CTYE and Scott has willingly served every need the organization has required since 2011.

He is currently serving as the Board's Treasurer and attends to financial record keeping and balancing budgetary requirements.  He is a blessing to the organization and actively participates in the planning, coordinating and execution of fundraising, recognition and specialty events. His personal contributions of his time and energy to CTYE are beyond measure and he is a true treasure to the organization.  

New CTYE Board Member!! 

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