Become a CTYE Donor!

CTYE is a non-profit organization dependent upon grants and donations to offset the cost of helping youth to become successful.  You can also donate your time as a volunteer!  Volunteers can reach us at 502-694-CTYE (2893) or  

The participation cost for each youth in the FIG program was recently reduced to $20 per month.  Our goal is to have the cost of every family enrolled covered through sponsorship donations so that there is no out of pocket expense to the family.  

We are depending upon donations to offset the discount given to families with low income and we really need your help!  

You can sponsor a FIG Family for the entire school year with a one time donation of $200 or you can make 10 monthly payments of $20.   

Donations may be made on-line, by mail, or in person.

You may choose to donate to:
  • The FIG Family Program (annual cost of $200)
  • A particular youth participant (annual cost is $360.00)
  • A particular Works of Education
  • A particular Works of Relationship Building program 

Our fund raising goal for 2017 is $25,000. We want to make a difference with our youth and you can participate by making a generous donation.

Thank you for your generosity!!!