The Work of Relationship Building

Parent-Teacher Workshops

These workshops will be offered two to four times a year with various topics. CTYE’s goal is to bring teachers and parents together giving them each an opportunity to learn something about the other that will improve their relationships, communications, and collaborations with one another. Two workshops or forums which we will offered every year are: “Positive Interaction Between Parents and Teachers” (geared towards teaching the importance of how to, and how not to approach each other, with the ultimate goal being to put the child’s education in the forefront), and “What’s In the Minds of Teachers Today” forum (consists of a panel of teachers willing to answer parent’s questions, while providing them with insight on ways they can help at home).

Bullying / Peer Mediation

CTYE will offer sessions for parents, students, and teachers on how to spot and stop bullying. Parents will also learn their rights in a situation where they have a child who is, or has been bullied, while also assisting those parents of children who bully, help their child improve more positively.

CTYE believes in the importance of youth being able to help solve their problems with one another. We will offer training on how students can deescalate an issue without negative confrontation or violence, but instead finding ways to come to a more positive agreement (training them for the adult world).