The Works of Education Programs

Tutoring Program

CTYE will partner with local educational tutoring programs (who focus on math & reading) and local retired teachers (who will focus on other subjects: science, social studies, etc.). These relationships will all be formed through GAPs. Our tutoring program is a straight connection from the Filling In the Gaps (FIG) program. Once a teacher notifies the Liaison or the parent of a students learning difficulty in their teaching subject, the student will then be automatically enrolled into the tutoring program. A suitable tutor will be found within a specific time frame. Each tutored student will have an individualized lesson plan.

ACT & SAT Workshop

These workshops will be given within the CTYE organization. Workshops and mock tests will be given during the off season of the ACT & SAT are normally given. This program is a straight connection from the Filling In the Gaps. It is for Eleventh and Twelfth grades; however Children in other grades (7th through 10th) will have to be added to a waiting list.

College Bound Program

This program will be designed to aid students who are interested in attending a college, university, technical school, etc. Students will have access to a computer lab where they will be able to apply to schools and ask for help when needed. CTYE will provide financial aid and how to succeed financially in college workshops, along with many other topics.

Writing & Language Arts Workshop

This will be offered to any students who are below average in the areas of writing and language arts. Specifically for 11th & 12th graders who will be entering college soon. CTYE realizes that there a numerous amounts of students who graduate without knowing how to write a paper. Our goal is to lower that amount.
*CTYE- Cultivating The Youth Experience
*GAPs- Gathering Authentic Partnerships