Gathering Authentic Partnerships

CTYE has great ways that an individual or organization can join our mission. Our goal is to build partnerships that will build a “community” around our youth. CTYE believes in a four way partnership that consists of the parent, child, teacher, and liaison/or GAPs staff. While the child is not in a school setting, a team coach, youth pastor, etc. will replace the teacher’s role in the four way relationship. This “quad” relationship is what will aid the child in having a positive role in society. We truly believe in the African proverb of, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Here is a simplified list of the ways you can get involved:

CTYE ‘s Board of Directors- will begin to interview persons who are interested in contributing and help shape this up and coming organization. The board meets once a month at various locations.

Sub-committees of the Board of Directors- meets as needed to focus on caring out particular committee related tasks. An example of this is the event and fundraising committee.

Teacher Round Table- will meet quarterly to inform CTYE on how to serve teachers better

The Parent Speaks Group- will meet quarterly to inform CTYE on how to serve parents better

Works of E.S.T.H.E.R. Partnerships- individuals and organizations that are helping CTYE with the holistic programs of E.S.T.HE.R., such as the Works of Education and Works of Relationship Building

These are just a few ways you can join in the CTYE mission. Please do not hesitate to talk with Vanessa or Michael George on any ideas you have in collaborating with CTYE.