Building Vision

In November 2011, Cultivating The Youth Experience, Inc., will begin to move into their own office on 1209 West Hill Street. The top floor of 1209 West Hill has been donated to CTYE to use for two years rent free. The only financial obligations the organization will incur are utility and security cost. Our goal is to add to the beacon of light that already exist in that community, whether known or unknown. CTYE is grateful to the donors who are allowing their building to be a place where CTYE can call home. If you would like to aid us in paying for monthly utilities, or add in some way to the aesthetics of the building please write your contact information and your idea down.

CTYE is excited about this great move; however it does come with some minor challenges, one being clean up and setting up the donated space. We are in need of volunteers who are willing to help us repair, paint, clean, decorate, move furniture, etc. in the upstairs space. If you are interested in joining us in the “great move” please write down your contact information. If you have any furniture you think we may be interested in please write that down as well.

The Tranquil Area/Room, will serve as the section of the office geared towards giving staff, volunteers, participants, and visitors a relaxation spot to sit and think, read a book, study, etc., while providing a tranquil café shop feel to the room. This room will serve as a tool to teach youth importance of quiet and peaceful moments. Our hope is to have enough space to have a small coffee, tea, etc. station. If you are interested in providing furniture, decorations, and more for this room please write your contact info and any ideas down.

The Meeting Room, will serve as a place where staff can hold meetings with parents, other staff, etc. Occasionally, this room may occupied by students who need to meet with other students to prepare for presentations and more. If space allows, the CTYE board will host their monthly meetings at this location.

Game Power Room, will serve as a collaboration room for our youth. This room is where students can come together and learn the importance of playing together and not solely, and without negative competition. We hope to have fun games, TV for movie discussions (or more), bean bags, tables and more.

CTYE’s goal is to have a cluster of computers that will be available for participating students to research colleges, do homework assignments, projects, and other activities. The cluster of computers will be titled CTYE On-line Computer Lab. If you would like to donate a computer or help us in building this lab in some way please write your contact information down.

CTYE hopes to bring a small neighborhood garden to the West Hill street area. This garden will consist of healthy fruits and vegetables, and other great items that can be grown. The garden’s items will be there for the public to consume, however there will be a distribution and reproduction process in order to maintain the growth of the CTYE Garden. CTYE would like to also planet flowers to add to the beautification of the property. This project will serve as a tool to help youth learn the importance of gardening, eating healthy, and self-stability. If anyone is interested in helping with this project, please specify in what way you would like to help. Examples are designing the layout of the garden, providing seeds, labor, maintaining the garden and flowers, teaching, etc.

Along with all of the above rooms the donated space will overall serve as office space for CTYE liaisons and a meeting ground to collaborate with our community partners who will be a part of Gathering Authentic Partnerships (GAPs).
Coming Soon!
CTYE On-Line Computer Lab

Will become the home of at least 10 desk top computers. The computers will be available for the kids (occasionally parents) participating in the programs to use during scheduled time slots. These computers will be especially used for the Works of Education programs (tutoring, on-line college applications, etc.)